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Yet again, frustrated by the lack of good information and offers in the pre travel area we at MBGJ.Org decided to generate a site where we can offer the best available offers from travel partners.

Project DAC ( was started with the aim to offer all the fringe services for incoming and departing travellers that are often an afterthought.

No frills. fast loading pages, with the most up to date content and the best offers for the chosen areas.

No pop up's or unders from us or our selected partners. Simple information and value for money. Nothing more nothing less.

Project DAC (DAC)

- Our strength is experience focussed on the customer -

This experience is focussed on delivering best value, fast and if technically possible within three clicks to you - the customer.

Services that are treated as an afterthought by most of the big on-line travel agencies but are essential to make it "THE HOLIDAY" or "THE BUSINESS TRIP".

We have the solutions to all the little problems like -

How do I get to the airport ?
- Car, Taxi, Chauffeur driven, Train.......

Where do I park ?
- On or off secure airport parking......

I'm in a hurry ?
- Meet and greet.......

Do I really want to use a shuttle with three kids at 10pm?
- Meet and Greet...

Do I really have to get up at 4am to catch the flight ?
- Sleep and Park.....

Do I need additional travel insurance ?
- Select from three levels....

I have got a really good deal for a flight where do I stay?
- City and Airport Hotels...

How do I avoid the milling crowds in the departure hall?
- Airport Lounges.....

Can I just book a car fore a couple of days?
- Car rental world wide.....

I want / have to drive which ferries can I use?
- European Ferries......

What is the weather like?
- Travel-Tool-Kit / Weather.....

Wo flies where in Europe - Low cost?
- Low cost routes.....

Are there clean public bathrooms?
- Travel-Tool-Kit / TheBathroomDiaries....

These are just some of the questions for which we provide the answers.

Map your itinerary and tailor the trip to your personal needs and get access to the necessary information, services and prices, at real Internet speed and with guaranteed value for money.

- Life's Essentials - Nothing more nothing less -

Please use below form to comment on our site, services and please tell us where we fail or could improve our services.

- Project DAC
- Our strength is experience focussed on the customer -


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Here to the not so serious site of parking.

Want to know what it takes to run a carpark?
Have a go.....

airport parking the game


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