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For Vaccination and Travel Screening.
1. Harley Street London

travel screening london

Travel vaccination and screening services developed for business travellers can easily cover leisure travellers as well.

Travel Screening Services at Harley Street London offer:

Consultations are conducted at our Harley Street clinic or at the client's premises, generally during normal office hours, although other times can be arranged if required. The consultation aims to ensure that individuals are fit to travel to wherever it is they are going; to discover anything in their medical history that may put them at any particular risk; and to prepare them for a healthy trip by administering all appropriate vaccinations, supplying any necessary medication, and informing them of any hazards particularly prevalent in their destination. Full records are maintained on a secure database.

The consultation covers:

• Vaccine history • Medical history • Situation at destination
• Addressing any current complaints

While travelling

We offer an advisory service, with information and help on medical problems, by phone, fax or email. If a client has a health problem, wherever they are in the world, they are assured of a point of contact for expert advice. We can also offer overseas health services (with client's consent) remote access to medical records, aiding rapid and fully-informed treatment.


On return, a comprehensive physical examination is conducted, either at our clinic or on client's premises. This includes comprehensive tests for possible diseases and ailments, many of which - particularly parasitic diseases such as malaria, bilharzia or giardia, which may have few symptoms in their early stages - can be easily misdiagnosed or entirely missed by those unfamiliar with them.

Prompt diagnosis can lead to rapid, easy and painless treatment of problems which, if left, may develop into serious illnesses, debilitating and difficult to treat, with the road to recovery unnecessarily long and uncomfortable.

We screen for:

• Parasites and worms such as malaria, schistosomiasis (bilharzia) and giardia • Unusual causes of travel-related diarrhoea such as microsporidia and cyclospora • Viral infections such as Hepatitis A,B and C, HIV and Dengue Fever

Most problems discovered during the course of screening can be quickly and easily treated. If specialist treatment is required, we will refer the client to the appropriate authority.

Travel Screening Services was established to meet business's need for dedicated expertise, offering real protection against overseas health-hazards - particularly outside the developed world. We offer a wide range of services, from pre- to post-travel vaccinations and tests, from discrete sexual health assessments to immigration/visa medicals (for more, click here), all delivered by fully qualified healthcare professionals either at clients' premises or here at our clinic in Harley Street.

To the human and direct financial impact of illness or disease can now be added the very real dangers of major consequential costs, since the House of Lords ruling (Connolly v RTZ, 24 July 1997) enabling employees to sue for damages for illnesses or injuries suffered while working overseas. Fortunately, prevention is a great deal easier and cheaper than cure.

With proper advice and vaccination before travel, accessible expertise during it, and screening and where necessary treatment on return, travel-related health problems can be reduced from an open-ended human, financial and legal nightmare to, at worst, a temporary inconvenience. Our clients include financial institutions and other blue chip multinationals, petrochemical and engineering companies, IT and consultancy companies, law firms, TV and film production companies, independent travellers and aid workers.

Travel Screening Services London UK

travel screening london

Not just when you plan to travel

The Natural Remedies Clinic

Where you will find natural remedial products that have the seal of approval by our clinical expert Dr. Nyjon Eccles Harley Street London.

Also herbal and organic products that are complementary are available through us.

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All products have their own extensive sites and supporting pages which, when you wish to purchase a product it will link back to the on-line shopping facility at NRC.

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