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UK Airport

Travel Screening Services at Harley Street London
Travel vaccination and screening services developed for business travellers can easily cover leisure travellers as well.

UK Department of Health - Travel Advice

Foreign and Commonwealth Office - For latest travel advice

Bio-energetic and natural treatments
The Chiron Clinic uses nutritional therapy to treat a wide spectrum of illnesses and health problems ranging from high blood pressure to fibroids and male libido and erection problems
Travel Insurance UK - Europe - World Wide - Ski - Golf -Sport
or just leisure

Great independent insurance with exceptional cover short term to long term. Check out their quote, its well wort your time

Info from NHS direct about illnesses
We found it to be a great resource for information and latest treatments of common illnesses.

Asthma need not be an obstacle to travel.
Natural Asthma and Hay Fever treatment.
Read the research and clinical evidence of this new natural treatment for respiratory ailments which also is claimed by users to cure this completely.

 Period pain and menstual cramps - Dysmenorrhoea
- need not spoil your holiday.
This natural magnotherapy based device has plenty of clinical research and evidence of vastly improve and in a lot of cases eliminate these pains.

Aching joints keep you from enjoying golf or other sports whilst at home or on holiday?

Artivit- supplementing collagen which is the lubricant in your joints will help to improve this. Read the product article and its available via the natural remedies clinic shop.

Resources for aches, pains and illness
Back Pain
Info about Conditions, Therapies, Exercises, and Doctors who Treat Back Pain. - Your Source for Tendinitis Information and Treatment - Are You suffering from Tendonitis? offers information and treatment options about tendonitis, tendonitis treatment, tendonitis symptoms,tendonitis relief, tendinitis pain and more.


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