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House Swap (exchange)

“Live in someone elses house whilst they live in yours”


"Swap House for a Holiday"

Home exchanging as a means of affordable vacationing was conceived in Europe more than four decades ago.

It began with teachers in the Netherlands and Switzerland swapping homes for their summer holidays. Over the last twenty years it has really taken off and it is estimated that in excess of 60,000 travelers worldwide will take an exchange vacation this year.

Through a variety of means, thousands of homes located in European countries, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, the Caribbean and many other places are listed as being available.

Their owners hail from all walks of life: retired couples who have considerable flexibility when it comes to the timing and adaptability of their exchanges, younger families limited by the constraints of employment and school vacations, and single people of all ages, traveling alone.

A lot of members chose to include a car as part of the exchange. Although not mandatory, the benefits are enormous. It is much cheaper to exchange than rent for the period of a vacation and with gasoline so much cheaper in North America than most European countries, the bonus of a car makes an exchange offer so much more attractive.

People who have exchanged before speak of the comfortable home setting, usually located in a neighborhood away from "touristy" areas and city centers. They were able to unpack properly, eat when they fancied, had coffee, tea and snacks on hand. Valuables did not have to be taken with them where-ever they went.

For families with children it makes travel affordable and more easily managed. When families with children of similar ages exchange homes, all their facilities, playthings and local playmates are part of the deal! For older people visiting family for an extended period it provides an opportunity to preserve their independence.

People on extended visits also find they very quickly tire of constantly eating out. With a home exchange they can "eat at home" as often as they choose and go out to a restaurant occasionally.

As an exchanger you become a transplanted local - part of the neighborhood - and for many people, this transcends everything. Long term friendships are forged and remain there to be built upon year after year.

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Exchanging homes lets one enjoy being a tourist while living in a country or region like a native. You will get to know an area in a way that simply isn't possible when you stay in a hotel

Economy is always an important advantage. Home exchangers find themselves able to travel further and stay longer than their hotel bound counterparts, thanks to the substantial savings they enjoy. Comfort is also of significant importance.

It is an ideal way for visitors to experience the lifestyle of a country, with the friends and neighbors of exchange partners often happy to recommend local attractions, shops and restaurants well off the expensive tourist trail.


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