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Peace of mind - On the road - Immediate Confirmation

Flight Info by SMS - Delayed? Arrived?
All major UK airports covered
Get the latest Flight Info

AirText will deliver updated flight status to your SMS. The service covers all major UK airports - Arrivals & Departures.

Keep ahead of terminal and flight changes.

Meeting relatives, business contacts - Be informed if they are early or late.

Save on parking costs - Only go to short term parking when the plane has actually landed.

Arrivals and departures info. Someone picking you up? AirText send them FREE arrivals updates.

Airports covered:

Belfast City
Belfast Int
Bradford (Leeds)
East Midlands (Nottingham)
Gatwick (London)
Glasgow Int
Heathrow (London)
Isle of Man
Leeds (Bradford)
London City
Luton (London)
Nottingham (East Midlands)
Prestwick (Glasgow)
Stansted (London)

The service is charged to your mobile phone at no more than £1.50 for either arrival or departure which includes up to 4 updates.

Full service departure and arrivals incl. free arrival info to a third party phone is charged at no more than £3.00 with up to 12 updates.

When submitting your request and details a confirm SMS will be send to your mobile phone. Only when you accept this will you be charged for the requested service.

AirText covers 24 UK airports and all airlines, both scheduled and chartered.

A great way to stay informed and avoid agonizing waits when picking someone up.

SMS flight info
Please use the form below to select the service and you will be taken to the subscription page
Check our FAQ's to get the most out of the service.

To receive up to 12 SMS for one departing and one arriving flight. PLUS you can elect a second mobile to receive the arrival info. Perfect if you are met at the airport.

To receive up to 4 status message for an arriving flight.

Be there just in time and don't waste time and money waiting.

To receive up to 4 status messages for a departing flight.

Delayed? Terminal changes?
Stay informed.

delay early sms flight info delay early sms flight info
delay early sms flight info
delay early sms flight info

Please note: You will receive a security SMS to the subscriber number.

ONLY when this is confirmed will you be charged and the service will be activated!

Also: This is the price for the service NOT per message!

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