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Flight Info by SMS - Frequently asked Questions

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Where does AirText get its information from?

AirText receives its information from a variety of sources, including directly from the airports themselves. AirText covers 24 UK airports and all airlines, both scheduled and charter

Are all the AirText updates covered in the cost of the service?

Yes. The stated cost of the service (i.e. £1.50 for departures or arrivals and £3 for the full service) is the total cost for all the updates and includes VAT. However, as highlighted on the subscription pages, AirText is unable to supply any messages to mobile phones which have not responded to the authorisation text message. This is for your security, to ensure that no one has subscribed for the service on your behalf without your consent, and is also a legal requirement. The cost of this message is determined by your network providers standard rate and will typically cost between 0-10p.

Airports covered:

Belfast City
Belfast Int
Bradford (Leeds)
East Midlands (Nottingham)
Gatwick (London)
Glasgow Int
Heathrow (London)
Isle of Man
Leeds (Bradford)
London City
Luton (London)
Nottingham (East Midlands)
Prestwick (Glasgow)
Stansted (London)



How many updates will I receive?

AirText messages are dispatched as soon as the information is made available in the UK and the number of messages received is dependent upon the timeliness of your flight. Each update will typically include a variety of relevant information, an example of which is given below: Flight BA 123 from Paris to Heathrow arriving terminal 4 is DELAYED. Scheduled arrival time: 14:20. New ETA: 15:30 If you have requested the arrivals or departures single service, you will receive up to 4 messages, which covers 99% of delay eventualities. If you have requested the full service, up to 12 messages are dispatched.

The full service also allows you to send the arrival information to another (third party) mobile phone without any additional charges.


The flight number on my ticket differs from that on my booking confirmation. Which number should I enter?

You should always enter the number featured on your ticket as it is the universally accepted one. On multi-leg flights this is particularly important as one flight can be made up of several flight numbers.

Why do some airports appear twice on the list and selection?

Recently airports where renamed e.g. East Midlands is now Nottingham - East Midlands Airport. Also Prestwick is near Glasgow (45 min by train) but it is NOT Glasgow. Similar the official name for Stansted is Stansted and not London Stansted. So to avoid confusion we have listed some airports with their common and their correct name.

What happens if I have accidentally entered incorrect information?

AirText relies upon you as the subscriber to enter your details correctly. It is particularly important that the date of travel is entered correctly as flight numbers are reused on a daily basis. If you have entered information incorrectly, we cannot guarantee that you will receive any updates

I have requested an AirText service but cannot reply to the authorisation message. What should I do?

Some models of mobile phone prevent you from directly replying to shortcodes. If your phone cannot send your response ( it may say unable to send message, number not in use etc.), please compose a new message with the word AirText and send it to 80039. This will not cost you any extra and the process will be completed as normal

SMS flight info
Please use the form below to select the service and you will be taken to the subscription page
Check our FAQ's to get the most out of the service.

To receive up to 12 SMS for one departing and one arriving flight PLUS you can elect a second mobile to receive the arrival infos. Ideal if you are expected or get picked up.

To receive up to 4 status message for an arriving flight.

For example:
Save on parking by knowing when the plane has actually landed.

To receive up to 4 status messages for a departing flight.
delay early sms flight info delay early sms flight info
delay early sms flight info
delay early sms flight info

Please note: To activate the above service you will receive a security SMS on the subscriber mobile phone.

ONLY when this message is replied to will the service be activated and charged to your mobile phone.


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