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On this site Departures-Arrivals we offer "sponsored links per page " which are the equivalent of text links / ad's and allow a small graphic as well. These "links" are on the right navigation pane above the fold and above any ADsense advertising we may run. The site is run by a dynamic CMS system which allows us to offer chunks of pages which can be regional, themed, national or Europe wide. We regret but we are not presently allowing sitewide links.

The site has presently around 600 pages indexed in all major SE's and is distributed in a large range of directories.

The maximum per page is 3 such positions which have a size of 130 x 130 (about what one gets from ADs).

Site stats as per 6/2004

G indexed 650 pages show about 200+ links
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Please don't waste your and our time if you are after PR, represent a grey bar sites, are into gaming,
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Payment terms:

There is a small setup fee to cater for payment flow bank charges etc. of 5£.

Minimum timeframe is 3 month minimum pages is 1

The minimum payment is 26£ =7 page positions for 3 month


UK airport parking pages = 19 pages x 3 month + set up - 62£
Any 4 content pages, one space for 6 month = 29£
2 spaces 4 content pages 3 month = 29£

Payment by Sterling Cheque drawn on UK bank or by PayPal.

WorldPay is available but would simply cost extra.

Activation 2 - 5 working days after payment cleared.

Rules, restrictions, allowables

A space is defind as 130 x 130 pixels.

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Text colour blue, black or DAC standard (This)

Link underlined or not two colours max.

Minimum graphic, if required, is 100 x 30 STATIC! please.



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Cornwall Experience

B&B or Cottage for 2

RoundHouse Barn offers superior hospitality and our pages will give you some idea what to do once you arrived and settled in



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