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Why is it cheaper to pre book?
Pre booking helps us and our partners to better manage space and availability. Reserving space for "show up" customers is more expensive as this space may remain empty.
Can I book on short notice?
Yes you can book for today if need be. Your booking can be confirmed by email in minutes for you to print off and hand in on arrival. If you do not have email simply print off the confirmation page and hand this in as your booking voucher. If you do not have access to a printer, simply make a note of your booking reference and state this on your arrival.
Sleep and Park Can I use this on my return journey ?
Yes you can use the hotel night on your return. This can presently not be booked on-line please call 0870 733 0791 and quote 'web98 ' and ask for this to be booked accordingly.
Why is a week calculated as 8 days and two weeks calculated as 15 days?
Charges are made from midnight on a 24 hour basis and the daily charge made by the car park is per whole or part day, regardless of arrival time.
I only require 5 days parking but the price quotes a minimum of 8. What does this mean?
On some car parks a minimum amount is payable for parking. You can, of course, park fewer days, but there is a minimum charge, which is always clearly stated. It may well be cheaper to book 8 days than just 5, as a lot of these offers depend on a Saturday.
Can I cancel my booking ?
Yes, depending on our partner you can cancel between 72 and 24 hours before you are due by calling the call centre number. Please check the terms and conditions of the booking of your choice, it will be clearly stated.
Can I change my booking ?
Yes, you can change your booking. This can usually be done up to 24 hours before due, by calling the call centre.
Do you only have APH?

No, we are independent of providers. But wherever feasable we tend to use APH's system that does provide quotes for multiple suppliers. Their great customer service and support always impresses thus we tend to use them.

It is impotant to know that airport parking is competitive and it's not about price but about reliability and conveniance.

Thus the cheapest may well be the carpark in the midle distance to the airport but there is no service. e.G. you have to "shlep" your luggage in the rain to the nearest pick up stop and upon return have to remember where you parked your car and find it in the dark.

All APH owned carparks for example offer parking by attendents. So you drive to the reception area leave car and key and when you come back your car is in the leaving area.

There are also good alternatives like Hotel and park or meet and greet.



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