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 Who flies where?
Find the answers for low cost no frills & flag ship airlines in Europe

 Departures - Arrivals . com

Overview of who flies where including but not limited to
Ryanair, EasyJet, German Wings, AirBerlin, Air 2000 (scheduled), Hapag Lloyd, Lufthansa, BA, Iberia, and many many more......
Know who flies where before hitting the limited booking engines.

Airline routings - who flies where - direct - across Europe.

Please note this is loaded in English with all names simplified so German Umlaut are simply u or a, French accents have been dropped. You don't need to put in full names e.g. lond germ will bring up all routings London airports to Germany. The airline is linked to their websites.

      Just type in country, city or airport name or just a part of it !
From city or country

To city or country
or leave blank
Example: uk or birm or lond
ital or germany or ireland or
leave empty
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If you get no results please try country first as spelling may be different. Do not use more than one word!. This is coded for fast find, thus abbreviations like Lon(don) - Tou(louse) bring best results. Once you have an initial selection you can narrow this down. You may also try reversing the query as sometimes uk - malaga may show more results than malaga - uk. Still no result try just entering one field and leave to empty e.g. Chania in from blank in to.

Please note this database only covers Europe in the wider sense BUT no US or Far East flights. So there is no mileage in entering Malaga Spain - no results will be shown. Just Malaga will do!

Whilst we believe that this data was accurate at the date is was produced, and whilst we try to keep it up to date, it should not be relied upon as guaranteeing any service from any named airline. We are not affiliated to nor in partnership with any named airline and we do not accept responsibility for any actions or omissions on their part. Anyone intending to use a named airline should make their own inquiries with them or via a travel agent as to the details and suitability of making a booking with them. We welcome any corrections and additions - just send an e-mail here.

Some important facts and information by Departures Arrivals

Low cost no frills are airlines that offer scheduled services with no added benefits. No lounges no food no guarantees to catch connecting flights.

Don't forget to bring valid identification! - No ID No fly!

Booking is via the Internet or call centers in India. They rely on you knowing what you want and how to get it.

These are one way deals! So you can fly out with A and fly back with B. You can even flay out with A to city A and fly back with airline B from city B. Like fly in to Pisa and fly out from Florence.

They offer one way fares, cheap if demand is low, deer if demand is high. You gain ultimate flexibility and if you use this site to check UK airports and how to get there you will find that Ryanair flying into Prestwick (they call it Glasgow) is a great deal as Prestwick has a railway connection to Glasgow central every 30 minutes and it only takes 44 minutes.

Ryanair is famous for their inventive usage of airport names, but flying is cheap and a lot of these slightly out of the way places have fast connection or are interesting places in their own right.

If you use our database to organise chauffeured service you can fly out from one airport and return using a different airport, this may allow you to use two very cheap one way tickets from two different carriers.

If you have any recommendations, experience and comments please e-mail us at lowcostflyer @ departures-arrivals . com

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Who flies where - low cost airline routes in Europe. By airports, cities or country. Comprehensive information about who flies where in Europe.