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European Airports

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UK airports

Please note: Sec level has been downgraded to severe:
As of 6th of November small quantity of liquids allowed - Extensive security checks remain in place -
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In Europe the emergence of cheap scheduled flights has led to more and more regional airports being opened. In a lot of cases these hve very good transport links often by rail or scheduled bus directly to the city center and beyond. Together with the system of one way fares this often allows to select different airports to get the best connection and not to forget price.

In London for example one has Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, Heathrow and city airport all five are connected to London by rail or fast bus. Thus arriving at Stansted and leaving from Gatwick is no problem. In Italy Florence and Pisa are another example.

To find flight connections why not use our who flies where and our extensive airport informations at a glance from this page?

For most European airports we have and are collecting basic information that will help you to not being stranded. All UK airports are covered in depth with information from arrival times to bus connections.

The site will be permanently updated and we welcome comments or helpful hints.

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