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Flight pair examples - Who flies where

Knowing who flies where plus the information of alternative airports as well as transport between these put you in the driving seat when booking flights. No longer are you at the mercy of limited and biased booking engines. If you can't book it on engine A try engine B or try the airline direct.

Why not make a real trip out of it. Europe hotel / B&B booking engine powered by active hotels always finds you good bargains on the way.

Recent trip by the editor: Flight to Gerona(Spain) - stay for 3 days - train to Barcelona - stay for 2 days - overnight train to Galicia (14 hours dual comfortable sleeper with shower Euro 89 each!) - house near Ourense - flight back from Santiago.

Planned trip: Long weekend - flight to Florence - stay - train to Pisa - stay - flight from Pisa (train at airport)

Here are some flight routes within the UK - That are not common knowledge.

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