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Destination Cyprus
- Republic of Cyprus -

Detail maps are on the airport pages
map of cyprus with main cities villages

Conventional long form:
Republic of Cyprus
conventional short form:

Note: the Turkish Cypriot area refers to itself as the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" (TRNC)

Enter another world, where idols and temples, graves and goddesses make up the fabric of everyday life.

Independence from the UK was approved in 1960, with constitutional guarantees by the Greek Cypriot majority to the Turkish Cypriot minority. In 1974, a Greek-sponsored attempt to seize the government was met by military intervention from Turkey, which soon controlled almost 40% of the island. In 1983, the Turkish-held area declared itself the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus," but it is recognized only by Turkey. UN-led direct talks between the two sides to reach a comprehensive settlement to the division of the island began in January 2002. For a quick brief check The CIA Factbook

Border countries:

Coast line: 648 km

Airports and maps
(greek side):

Paphos (PFO)
Larnaca (LCA)

There are no direct flights to the "Turkish" side

Ercan (ECN)


total: 9,250 sq km
(of which 3,355 sq km are in the Turkish Cypriot area)
water: 10 sq km
land: 9,240 sq km

771,657 (July 2003 est.)

Greek, Turkish, English

temperate; Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and cool winters

A very good source for general information is the official Cyprus tourist board's Internet site. Please don't forget that they have offices in nearly all major cities across Europe.
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Pls note there are only very limited direct flights to northern Cyprus.
Most of these flight go via Istanbul (Turkey).


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