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Prague - A look inside -

Beautiful romantic Prague! A stylish medieval city, which apparently has hundreds of towers and is called The Heart of Europe because it lies right in the middle of the old continent. What a magical place to live or to spend a holiday! Within the last decade this fact has been discovered by thousands of European citizens and nowadays in certain places and times you can find the capital of The Czech Republic packed with tourists. This page should help you to get to know Prague from the inside, to be "cheeky and sneaky" and enjoy the city's life and old atmosphere in place like Prague's citizens do.

Prague panoramic view

First of all, there are a few historical monuments in Prague you cannot miss, even if you are not very interested in these kinds of things. It would be a pure shame, but then again with our tips you can be just cherry picking!
Let us start with Prague's Castle & historical site number one. First you see it from a distance - any of the bridges in the centre of Prague will do - and let it be absorbed by your heart forever as you will feel the old royal power of the magnificent complex of buildings standing proudly on the top of the hill above the river Vltava. Then, when you get closer, it is not necessary to queue for the entrance ticket and spend another three hours wandering around the western and the eastern wings.
Just have a walk through the yards, but do not pass two important parts, because you would regret it later.
One is the glorious gothic cathedral, St. Vit which is actually an excellent fake. One third built in the Middle Age; the remainder was finished in the last century. The other part is The Golden Street - the unique complex of houses called "The European wonder". Why? Find out when you get there!!

Sometimes you can have a feeling of de ja vue in Prague - for example when you walk though Kampa (a small place under the castle on the left bank of the river) where you may think you are in Venice. Another funny little city within the city is The Old Jewish quarter called Josefov (on the other side of the river) where there is still the medieval atmosphere.
There you definitely have to find The Jewish cemetery and Rabi Löwe's grave, because the old inventor of Golem can fulfil your wish! Just write it on a piece of paper and stick it under his stone. Don't miss The Old Town Square with its famous Horologe clock which is just around the corner. Touristsless, but only early in the morning.

If you want to experience a bit of cultural life, book tickets for the ballet or the opera in The National Theatre on-line in advance. You will never forget the night in the amazing architectonical treasure which was built in the 19th century after the entire Czech nation sponsored it by donating money it.

The afternoon before the performance can be spent in the stylish Café Slavia (just opposite the Theatre). Watching the river Vltava, listening to the pianist and feeling the magical artistic atmosphere typical of the place where authors used to write.
If you get hungry in Prague, eat in restaurants! Pretty much in any of them, but especially those which are in cellars, where you can get lovely original wine, and dine in a romantic environment - Don't eat fast food - in the Czech capital it is often more expensive then an original dish. Finally, if you want some "night life", go to Karlovy Lazne (Charles Spa). Ideal for a date because you can start with a night walk on the famous Charles Bridge - full of artists and musicians - again packed with the tourists during the day, but highly romantic with a fantastic view of The Castle and The Old Town at night. The four floored club, Karlovy Lazne, is just around the corner where they play varying types of music.

The day after, kill your hangover whilst walking up the hill through The Petrin Park. You might be confused if your last night was too wild, and you might have forgotten what country you are in, whilst gazing at The Little Eiffel Tower on the top.
To top it up have a laugh in the special mirror gallery inside of the tower. Your last dinner in Prague can also be extraordinary in the Restaurant Parizek, which is located half way up the hill you walked this morning. You can also get there by a special train using your underground ticket.
Enjoy the stunning view from your table of all those fabulous sites you've seen within your stay.

by Tereza Jiruskova

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