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Ankara -ANK
Ankara -ESB


Ankara Esenboga Airport and City

Please note Ankara has two airports
This is the one you're likely to arrive and depart from

Ankara 06970 - Telephone: +90 312 398 0329/30

Map / Directions

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Ankaras Esenboga (International) Airport is 33 km/20 Miles North
of the City

Airport parking: In front of the domestic/international lines terminal Capacity: 450 vehicles

Airport Public Transport

- by bus - 40 mins HAVAS bus to the train stn.
- by taxi - 30 mins to the city

travelling to and from the airport

The central Anatolian plateau, ochre-hued, cleft by ravines and dominated by volcanic peaks, forms the heartland of Turkey. Covered with wheatfields and outlined with ranks of poplars, the boldly contoured steppe has a solitary majesty. This plateau was one of the cradles of human civilization. At Catalhoyuk, remains of settlements from as early as the eighth millennium B.C. have been unearthed. The homeland of many people and the historic battleground of East and West; here the Hattis, Hittites, Phrygians, Galatians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans all fought for their sovereignty and established their rule. In the 11th century, the migrating Turks from the east made the plateau their own. During its turbulent history, Central Anatolia has endured invasion by great conquerors, such as Alexander the Great and Tamerlane. In the course of ten millennia of habitation, the denizens of the area have reflected in their art - from the vigorous paintings of Catalhoyuk and the confident lines of Seljuk architecture, to, more recently, the impressive modern form of Ataturk's mausoleum - the dramatic contours of the surrounding landscape.

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Longest Runway
12310 ft.
3125 ft.
Long. 33º 0' 0" E
Lat. 40º 8' 0" N

Time Zone
GMT -2 hours



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