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Birmingham airport lounge access.

Relax in the Birmingham airport lounges when the next delay is announced. Treat yourself to a first class start in a comfortable airport lounge.



Airport Lounge at Birmingham Airport

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Or to book by phone call 0870 733 0791 and quote 'web98 '

Not only business class, any class can gain entry to the relaxed and quite world of Birmingham Airport Lounges. All you need is a reservation and a valid flight ticket to get past immigration.

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After check in

Birmingham  airport lounges
Avoid the crowd

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world wide lounge access

Alternatively get access for a year to more than 500 lounges world wide (149 in Europe alone).
You and your travel companion can use any of the participating lounges if and when you want to.
A basic membership starts at $99 or about £69 / year.Priority pass gives you access to lounges world-wide at $27 = about £15 per person , just show and swipe your card.

How do I book my seat in the Birmingham airport lounge?
It is very easy with our on-line lounge quote and booking system, provided to us by APH...

  1. Firstly you must choose you airport from the menu.

  2. Enter your desired date and how many persons and the system will check availability and give you one or more choices and quotes.

  3. Pay for your booking by credit card using our secure site or if you feel more comfortable speaking with one of our many operators, simply call the call centre above and quote 'web98 '

  4. Receive an email confirmation of your booking containing arrival procedures, directions, map (if available), payment receipt and your unique parking reference number.

    Alternatively call
    0870 733 0791 and quote 'web98
    The friendly staff of the airport parking centre will
    gladly help you during the following times:

    Monday to Wednesday 8.30 am to 9.00 pm
    Thursday to Friday 9.00 am to 9.00 pm
    Saturday to Sunday 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

We bring you discounted airport parking throughout the UK with award winning secure on and off airport carparks. Affordable solutions discounted compared to drive on rates at Birmingham airport parking. Hotel at nearby hotels with car parking in hotel carparks sometimes for free or with a hefty discounted price. Early flight use out Hotel and Park offer than relax in an airport lounge. Travelling with children why not use our meet and greet service? Just drive to the airport departure be met and relax whilst your car is parking in a secure airport parking compound and or friendly, fully trained and insured staff await you upon your return.


Birmingham airport lounge access. Relax in an airport lounge when the next delay is announced. Treat yourself to a first class start in a comfortable airport lounge.

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