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Airport name
Eglinton Airport

Local name

City of Derry Airport

The City of Derry Airport is located 7 miles north-east of Londonderry on the main A2 Londonderry to Coleraine road.
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parking and meet and greet services

The airport site lets you calculate your parking costs by day and hour.
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Londonderry city hotels at great discounted prices and accommodation near and around Douglas.
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public transport taxi bus train

Connecting bus services are available at certain flight times to the City Center, Limavady and Coleraine. Other Ulsterbus and Translink services from throughout Northern Ireland, Including the Maiden City Express from Belfast, terminate in the City's main bus station at Foyle Street. For full details of all Translink bus services please visit the Translink website on www.translink.co.uk.

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he resource page for Londoderry (LDY) airport UK Area and airport maps with full driving directions. Who flies where from Londonderry airport listing of low cost no frills airline routes. Public transport by bus train and taxi for travelling to and from the airport. Business pages around Londonderry airport.


Airport Code

Airport name
Eglinton Airport

Runway Length
4695 ft.
18 ft.
7º 9' 0" W
55º 3' 0" N


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