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We offer 3 options:

1. Just a link on the network

2. Directory entry - (full text link)

3. Full text link ad on multiple pages

A link on the network

We recommend that you become a member at

Yes links are one of the many of requirements to bring a site or more specifically a page to or near the top.

RL will certainly help in this way but like all these tools and techniques it should not be the only one.

A often overlooked fact is that a tool like RL can help a site to achieve maximum distribution. It is much easier to target key phrases and their variations if one has a unique page answering precisely the uses phrase.

So on the right is an example of what one can achieve by using RL.

Nearly all simple links shown on our entire network of sites are via RL.

Use the above link and we will support your installation (Forum Expat)

2. Directory entry

If you have an established travel site that does more than just offer affiliation fed content and is for example specific to a European country - you are welcome to drop us a note - or start by submitting to our directory at

Departures Arrivals Directory and use the invitecode dac2006.

You don't have to but we would appreciate if you link to one of our pages and use your own title and text to describe the page to your visitors.

Pressed for time?

Travel essentials European airport info and who flies where

At Departures-Arrivals you will find all those travel essentials from detailed airport descriptions, discounted parking to the latest airline routings between airports.

3. Full Text Links and Advertising

The legal entity owning this site and the LEN is MBGJ.Org Limited (UK) -

On this site Departures-Arrivals we offer "sponsored links per page " which are the equivalent of text links / ad's and allow a small graphic as well. These "links" are on the right navigation pane above the fold and above any ADsense advertising we may run. The site is run by a dynamic CMS system which allows us to offer chunks of pages which can be regional, themed, national or Europe wide. We regret but we are not presently allowing sitewide links nor will we accept more than two links with the same anchor text and url.

The site has presently a good amount of pages indexed in all major SE's and is distributed in a large range of directories.

The maximum per page is 3 of such positions which have a size of 130 x 130 (about what one gets from ADs).

Site stats as per 7/2006

G indexed 50000+ pages
Y indexed 100000+ pages
M indexed 1500+ pages, etc, etc, etc.......

G Y M visit daily

The domain has about 7500+ uniques/day
at 4 pages per visitor
The whole network is just under 500k uniques/month

Please don't waste your and our time if you are after PR, represent a gray bar sites, are into gaming,
gambling, adult etc.


Also please don't waste your and our time if you are not interested in long term - No, we don't do anything under three month.






Every now and than we may have opportunities of "sponsoring" a whole new section of the site.


Who flies where" Europe directly

General sponsorship available. Preferably from organisations / sites not directly associated with air travel.

Syndication / xml feeds of the underlying databases is available.

More info is here


There will be information on this advertising
page if and when such a section is released.


Rules, restrictions, allowable

A space is defined as 130 x 130 pixels.

Background DAC standard or white depending on page.

Text is either Thaoma Verdana 10, 8 ,7

Text colour blue, black or DAC standard (This)

Link underlined or not two colour and fonts max.

Minimum graphic, if required, is 100 x 30 STATIC! please.



If you're interested contact us with the page urls's and content you wish to place and we will send you an offer.


Price guide: (as per 5/2006)

4 (pound Sterling) or $8 per link / month
min. quarterly order 40 or $80

Pls remember max. of two same combination anchor text / url.

We can insert page targets like airport city or country.

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This site is about travel essentials from airport parking to visa application
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RoundHouse Barn offers superior hospitality and our pages will give you some idea what to do once you arrived and settled in



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