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Why pay month or weeks in advance when you can simplt reserve and pay when you have actually been there. Stay and pay!

Together with ActiveHotels we offer accommodation not only in hotels but also in prime B&B's, Guest houses and Inn's across the UK and Europe.

Reserve and pay when you leave. Be fair if you have to cancel do it well in advance at no cost .

Yes!, reserve now and only pay when you leave!

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It's not just about stay and pay.

  • Search over 10,000 European hotels from 5-star quality
    properties to independent hotels, B&Bs and guest-
    houses in key European destinations and the UK

  • Read unbiased comments from previous hotel guests
    check guests reviews and benefit from instant on-line
    reservation / booking confirmations providing
    peace of mind that your reservation is secure.

  • Negotiated prices, most of them web exclusives, offers
    with up to 70% discount on standard rates as well
    as hundreds of exclusive deals and more special offers.

How do I book my accommodation ?

Active Hotels instant, online booking service is fast, convenient and secure. Together with Active Hotels we show availability up-to-the-minute so you can book your hotel online with complete confidence. You may book as many rooms as you like for any dates that you need. Once you have made your reservation, you will receive confirmation by email with our details and directions - all you need to do is turn up!

What happens and how to cancel ?

If you need to cancel a booking please go to the cancelation page shown at the bottom of your confirmation email. All you need to do is enter your email address - you will then be shown your current bookings. To cancel a booking follow the simple instructions. This will inform us of the cancellation, and send you a confirmation email. Please note a cancellation charge may apply, depending on how far in advance you make the cancellation. Please check on the individual accommodation page.


Alternatively call
+44 (0)870 2407 060 and quote DAR'
The friendly staff of the airport parking center
will gladly help you.


    Parking at or near the airport whilst on a business or holiday trip is one of those easy overlooked expenses that may come as a bit of a surprise. These charges can sometimes be more expensive than the actual airfare. Also important to know is that during busy times parking slots, if available, may have a premium. Booking in advance (pre booking) not only saves money it also gives you peace of mind as a space is reserved for you.

    All offered car parks hold security certificates. All airport carparks offered by or through hold full insurance cover and the drivers that may park your car are fully insured as well. Thus short term or long term, pre booking gives you discounted real value car parking

    - Simply Pre-book, Park and Save -

    If travel plans change as they do sometimes timely changes of your parking booking are free, cancellations may just cost the credit card fee which is indicated when booking.

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